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30390, Théziers

Before being a rodbuilder, I'm first and foremost passionate about fishing... any kind of fishing that involves luring a fish, and whatever it may be!

From Perch to Tuna via Trout or Asp, from UL lures to Pike to bigbait or any species that will take a fly... in all environments, confined, large rivers, sea.

I love technique, understanding what you need to do to lure the fish you're stalking and thinking about the things you do and why you do them. This of course covers lure choices, assemblies, techniques.

Also, when in this quest I realized that the rod played a primordial, even central role, well I integrated it into my "fishing system" in order to also optimize its performance and behavior. In fact, I've been rodbuilding since I was a kid, when we used to ride our rods with my uncle on the beaches of the south-west in Surf Casting, but it's become almost the central point of my "fishing" approach now.


So I've built rods for myself, all the techniques and all the fish I track, Fly, Lure, Popping, EXO, all freshwater carnivores, lots of marine species too, with an optimization approach every time. Only the result counts...

Philrods was born from this approach of excellence, I fish with the best in terms of blanks, I wanted others to benefit from it.

My approach as a pro editor is the same: optimization, technicality, the sharpest solution possible. My goal is to work with you to develop the rod that matches your representation, your tastes, your preferences, I'll spend all the time necessary in its elaboration to fully understand what you expect from it. Together, we'll select the blank, the components, and I'll simply be a source of suggestions and your companion.

You'll have YOUR very own cane.

You'll get YOUR rod, the one that suits YOUR tastes. Unique. The one that will change your fishing. Because yes, fishing with a made-to-measure rod that perfectly matches your expectations changes your fishing experience.

You'll get YOUR rod, the one that suits YOUR tastes.

I can also support you in your own Rodbuilding process, helping to make your panniers on Rodhouse for example, or coaching in my workshop or at your home (depending on distance of course). I can also repair, or renovate, or recondition your heart rod that has aged and needs an upgrade.

See you soon to discuss your project, whatever it may be.