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3 avenue Marie Curie, Le Clos de Fonsegrives, 31130, QUINT-FONSEGRIVES

I've fished the Loire, the ponds of Touraine and Burgundy, the great lakes of Verdon and in the Mediterranean, the lakes and the Garonne in Occitania and
I regularly go back to Ireland to fish.
I've known the time when neither pike-perch nor Catfish swam in our waters, when Pike was king and the best rod of the time didn't
was not worth today's cheaper ones.
I adapted, started modifying my rods, rectified my lures and learned to fish from a kayak.
The more I refined my fishing, the less the rods suited me. There's a plethora of commercial rods on offer, but manufacturers
play on versatility and only the very top of the range could meet my expectations. I started rodbuilding, made my own
faggot of rods and can now offer you my services.
For an intermediate price, we'll study your needs together and I'll assemble the rod of your dreams.
You like a certain butt length, a particular feel for your handle, you're looking for a certain resonance, your sessions
will be short or long.
will be short or long, you want a harmonious rod and reel combination, customize it, repair it, you'll be traveling by plane My role is, after studying all your parameters, constraints and desires, to define the right elements (blank, handle,
rings), source them from Rodhouse, Europe's undisputed leader in rodbuilding, and assemble THE rod, unique and personal,
complice to your fishing.
Pascal, artisan rod builder in Occitanie