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- North Fork Composites Approved Rodbuilder -

" My deeply rooted passion for fishing has been so impactful on my life since I was a kid, that I’ve turned it into a full time job. The main reason I made this decision is that I wasn’t able to find the perfect match when it came down to fishing rods, didnt matter how much time I would spend looking for it.

After a few years of creating fishing rods for myself and my friends, I’ve finally decided upon taking the leap and open my own business “ *Emme Custom Rod Studio* ” in order to provide every angler with handmade and personalized gear.

Every product I make is filled with my full experience and skills gained throughout the years with annual competitions,

The aim is to find the most reliabe and adaptable materials in order to provide the customer with a funcional and aesthetic.

After analyzing and defining the customers needs, I’ll provide them with the best materials by guiding them through a vast selection at Rodhouse

If you are interested in seeing some of my work, check out my social media pages on Instagram/ Facebook or contact me by email."

Facebook : Emme custom rod studio

Instagram : emme_customrod