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Ring assembly

Discover how to assemble rings on your fishing rod. Detailed instructions for a successful and long-lasting Assembly.

Today we move on to assembling the rings on the fishing rod. For those who have already assembled several rods, it's not complicated, but when it's your very first assembly, it can be more difficult. Here's our detailed tutorial on how to properly mount the rings on your fishing rod:

Ring size

Before getting started, the first step is to prepare your ring by filing it so that the wire can ride well on it when tying. File the ring leg roughly enough to scratch it and allow the wire to adhere well.

Once you've traced the location on your blank, you can place your ring.


Start by heating the leg of the ring with a simple lighter, apply a little glue and place it where you intend.


It's advisable to start Wrapping relatively close to the ring, which will result in less varnish, less material and therefore less weight on the rod. This will contribute to better balance.

Add the thread guide, then start by making a dead turn and then pass the thread over the loop. Lock with your finger and snap the wire under the Wrapping. If you wish to tighten the turns, use the burnisher.


After a few turns, at least 4-5, cut off the excess wire and continue to the end of the ring leg. The critical moment is when the thread climbs over the ring. In most cases, this goes smoothly, but sometimes you need to help the wire to get a perfectly clean Wrapping. Once this step is complete, simply finish to the end of the ring leg.


To finish the ligature, use a small piece of wire slightly smaller in diameter than that used for your weft, and wedge it under your ligature, creating a loop with at least 4 or 5 turns. You can then cut your weft thread, taking care to block it beforehand. Pass your thread through the loop of the small piece of yarn and pull gently so that the ligature thread passes back underneath.


Finally, tighten your coils to achieve a well-finished result. Cut off the protruding piece of wire. Your Wrapping is finished!

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