Build your own Wrapping bench

Construire son propre banc à ligatures

In these times when we are still somewhat limited in our movements, what could be better than setting up your own fishing rod? If we can't fully indulge our passion at the water's edge, a good compensation is to prepare for a full and complete return to our passion? Rodbuilding becomes a great occupation, and for that, a Wrapping bench will come in very handy.


To make one, nothing too complicated: a wooden board, a few screws and brackets... Potentially, we all have one at home, or at least something equivalent.

There's no need for long-winded blather, as a diagram is more than worth a long textual explanation, to make yourself a simple but very functional Wrapping bench!

And the result...:

Then, of course, you're free to adapt it as you see fit and if it suits you. Take a look at our Fanzone, where you'll regularly see beautiful bench customizations, for those who want a little inspiration to go "one step further"!

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merci pour les explications et la fiche technique 👌



Merci pour le plan, je vais du coup me lancer…



Bonjour Xavier,
Vous pouvez télécharger le plan en faisant un clic droit sur l’image puis « Enregistrer sous » (Elle n’est pas en full HD).

Vous pouvez aussi découvrir les banc à ligatures homemade qui ont étés fabriqués par d’autres rodbuilders sur notre Rodhouse Fanzone, cela vous donnera peut-être des idées ! 😉
Voici le lien :



Bonjour ,
Merci pour ce plan, je vais me lancer.
Est il téléchargeable en HD?

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