Dryer Fuji 220 V

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Product description

FUJI varnish dryer 220V

Dry your varnishes with the FUJI varnish dryer.
The FUJI varnish dryer is the optimal solution in order to realize your fishing rod Assembly easily.

A proven system

Equipped with a 220V motor, the FUJI dryer will allow you to spin your rods at a speed of 8 revolutions per minute. This rotation speed is optimal for evenly distributing your Varnishing around your Wrappings.

The FUJI dryer is designed for use with all types of rods.

FUJI quality

The FUJI dryer is unquestionably the essential tool for any Rodbuilder. The quality offered by the brand makes it a trusted player in the rodbuilding market.
The dryer features dryer racks (or ?dryer supports?) that will fit all blanks perfectly. The diameter of the rod support can be adjusted from 4mm to 30mm.


Additional information on the dryer

The FUJI Dry fly machine is sold as a complete pack ready to use. In this pack you will find: the additional stand, the wire, the switch as well as the clamping system.

The FUJI dryer is sold as a complete pack ready for use.



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