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  • 203 cm
  • Moderate-Fast
  • 25 - 40 lb
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Blank measurement chart

Espacement depuis le talon (cm) Ø Diamètre (mm)
5 13,9
10 13,9
15 13,9
20 13,9
25 13,9
30 13,9
35 13,9
40 13,9
45 13,9
50 13,9

Specification chart


6'8" - 203 cm

Power (lb)

25 - 40 lb



Weight (g)

478 g

Parts Count


Butt Measurement (mm)

13.87 mm

Tip Measurement (mm)

7.0 mm

Tip guide recommandation




Product Range


Product description

Solid fiberglass blanks.

Rainshadow SOLIDGLAS blanks are finely machined for maximum precision. These series are designed for extreme durability. Some might say they're indestructible. Extremely popular for all kinds of fishing, from Ice Fishing to Freshwater or Heavy Saltwater applications, these blanks are perfect for the toughest needs. The parabolic curve of these blanks prevents stalling, even on sudden changes of direction, or when the fish is coming straight at you. When conditions are such that they require strength and durability, then these Rainshadow blanks become mandatory in the arsenal of the most demanding angler.



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