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Product description

Axson A140-1 BK BLack structural glue

High-end epoxy for "material" quality structural bonding: it's the material that eventually breaks, not the bond.

Mix 50-50

Color Black

50 Ml

Pot life : 40 minutes

Ready to work 12 hours

Complete cure time: 4 days

Our opinion: This is a very high-end glue, a benchmark in the composites world that enables structural bonding equivalent to welding for most materials: bonding is no longer a point of weakness. This glue isn't useful for most traditional rodbuiding applications, but it becomes so when you're building rods that are out of the ordinary and subject to the toughest constraints. Also suitable for all spigot work, delamination, repairs etc.


Bonding of bodywork parts, bonding of Metallic structures (competition vehicles, bonding in aeronautics, bonding of inserts, composite structures


High-performance, ambient-curing, two-component epoxy adhesive

A paste-like product applicable to vertical walls and allowing large assembly gaps to be bridged

Excellent mechanical and thermal performance up to 100°C

Excellent resistance to dynamic loads (vibration and impact)

Product resistant to aging and aggressive environments

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Customer Reviews

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Une colle pro pour tous

C'est la colle l'une des plus adaptée aux montages des cannes fortes et EXO.
La plus solide et facile à appliquer, à la spatule ou au pinceau, c'est avec la Tuff Glue, les deux références pour les collages exigeants.
Cette colle structurale pénètre l'eva et donne l'impression de faire corps avec lui. Ca "blinde" les éléments...

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