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The backrest is an option for standard and XL SEANOX leaning-post models, providing greater comfort and optimizing boat layout.

This backrest features painted/thermolacquered Inox parts and top-of-the-range upholstery with open-cell foam to limit water retention. The rear face features several drillings that can accommodate rod holders and/or accessories, so the leaning post can support up to 9 rods on the standard model and 11 for the XL model.

This option provides additional comfort for rear passengers, who can then stand on the upper part of the backrest.

Dimensions and features standard model:
- Width: 734mm
- Useful height: 296mm
- Height of foam + sheet metal: 71mm
- Material: Inox
- A4 screws included
- M6 inserts in rear structure/saddlery for accessory assembly.
- Black paint (powder coating)
- To assemble

The following cane holders fit the leaning post backrest standard model:
- Rod holders on slides: up to 5 rod holders (452000, 452002, 452007, 450505)
- Model 2 and 5 rod holders (2 rods: 498000, 498002,498007 / 5 rods: 498550, 498552, 498557)

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