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Graffitolin Ferrule Wax
Ferrule wax secures fittings while making them easier to disassemble.Apply a thin layer with a finger, and assemble fittings.Suitable for all types of assembly, increases their longevity and reliability.

The complement to your multi-strand rod
The ferrule is a very useful element for any multi-reel rod angler (we're thinking mainly of Fly anglers).Its application allows several advantages:
Reduce the chances of breakage
Easier strand assembly
Balance potential spacing or oscillation of strands when in action
Increased strand-to-strand strength

Frequently asked questions

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How do I apply wax effectively?
For best results, we advise you to apply the wax with your finger to the shafts, then insert the handles between them by rotating them 90 degrees.
Do I need to apply ferrule every time I go fishing?
Wax extends the life of your multi-strand rods. You don't need to apply it on every fishing trip, but you should apply it as soon as the beneficial effects of the wax are less noticeable. It also depends on how often you fish. On average, we find that our customers use it 8-10 times a year.



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Très bon produit

Très bon produit, à résolu un problème de conicité d'emmanchement (on sentait la partie mâle taper dans la partie femelle). À appliquer au doigt sur la partie mâle (important! les plombiers comprendront ;), à chauffer un peu (dans la poche 1/2h) pour plus de facilité.
Merci beaucoup à Rodhouse pour son SAV et ses conseils.

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