Fluorescing UV clear Fly Finish 1/2 Oz

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NEW 2016

At depths as shallow as a few feet, even bright flies can appear dull and blend into the background of dark water. Loon Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish uses the UV light available underwater, and reflects it back.

Deepwater sea anglers and cuttlefish fishermen will appreciate the potential offered by this easy-to-use product on their Jigs and jigs.


Ultra-thin UV-curing resin
Dries instantly when exposed to UV light (direct daylight or special lamp)
Hard, glossy finish
Can be used as an adhesive
Includes brush applicator


Apply Grayling or indoors, protected from direct sunlight. Expose for about 15 seconds to direct sunlight to dry, or use a special UV lamp.

Apply in the shade or indoors, protected from direct sunlight.

15 grs



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