Glissiere Inox pour Sonde

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SEANOX slides, made in France, consist of a part to be fixed to the boat and a mobile part extended by a universal fixing plate to receive the probe bracket.
The oblong windows make it possible to accept all probe models on the market (except AIRMAR 1kW), allowing fine adjustment to obtain the best detection results.
The moving part of the slide is held in the lower stop by a stainless steel cage nut with 30mm of additional adjustment. This fine adjustment makes it possible to optimize probe height without disassembly. Once achieved, it is no longer lost even when the probe is removed between two outings.
The probe can be completely removed by loosening the M8 plastic tightening knob when beaching, putting on a trailer or lifting for parking in a dry port, this operation also eliminates the need to clean algae or shellfish that usually settle on the probe, avoiding the need for antifouling.

- Material: Inox 316L Thickness 2mm
- Fastened to boat with screws not supplied.
- Telescopic slide, movable part with adjustable stop: lengths PM 220mm, MM 220mm and GM 320mm.
- Fixed slide with fixed stop: lengths PM 215, MM 330 and GM 465mm for a common width of 60mm. Holes for transom mounting diameter 6.2mm.
- Inox plate for 75mm/60mm probe holder, with 2 horizontal 55mm/7mm oblong windows.
- Recommended operating speed: 25 knots

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