Hookook Kit aiguille ikijime Small

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Hook Kit needle ikijime,

seikijime destroys the spinal cord,

paralyzes the fish's nerves.

-Amnesiac ikijime cable, size 1mm, anti-twist, shape memory, stays straight, won't twist.

-Enables fast work for sportfishing professionals, fishmongers, sushi masters.

-Tool guaranteed to float, durable and repairable, plastic-free packaging, recyclable or compostable

-Notice in French, download the free e-book: "guide hookook des bonnes pratiques ikijime"

-SAV insured in France, three-year warranty, repairable for life, satisfied, reimbursed or exchanged


Professional quality Hookook seikijime needle, to practice the Ikijime technique in the easiest and quickest way, even for a beginner, designed to be used durably on a boat, in salty and wet environments. Anti-corrosion, anti-twist, buoyant so durable, repairable, at last a fishing tackle you'll never lose.

-Folds and stores easily,

-Can be clipped to a belt or anything else.

Three-year warranty, instructions and e-book in French offered.

-Size S, diameter 1mm, suitable for small to medium-sized fish (preferably under 50 cm)

- Useful needle length: 70cm

-Exists in different sizes depending on the type of fish to be worked.

Download the Ikejime best practice guide

Made in Thailand

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