Iconoglass Zentron 8'6 10wt

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  • 259 cm
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Color: Natural
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Blank measurement chart

Espacement depuis le talon (cm) Ø Diamètre (mm)
5 14,65
10 14,43
15 14,15
20 13,79
25 13,55
30 13,26
35 13,04
40 12,7
45 12,4
50 12,13

Specification chart


8'6" - 259 cm

Power (#)




Weight (g)

100 g

Parts Count

4 sections

Butt Measurement (mm)

14.81 mm

Tip Measurement (mm)

2.0 mm

Tip guide recommandation



North Fork Composites

Product description

At NFC, we wanted to rethink the idea of what a fiberglass blank should be, as much for looks as for feel. For years, rodbuilders have been asking our designers to come up with a fiberglass blank that's a joy to cast, lightweight and faster-acting than the traditional E and S fibers of our predecessors. We decided to go one step further, and give this series some superb colors. The name "Iconoglass" came about because we wanted rods that defied conventional wisdom: "fiber is dull", "fiber is heavy" or "fiber is too slow". Our Blanks will defy this way of thinking with every throw.

Iconoglass blanks are S2 / Zentron fiber

Our type of fitting allows us to replace elements without re-machining

Glossy raw finish (in natural, cyan, green and gray)

Without sanding - sanding a blank slows its action. The raw finish of these blanks further enhances the responsiveness of Zentron's fast fibers.



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