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  • Nuno Paulino
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Nuno Paulino

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Color photos,
15 Rods by rodbuilder Nuno Paulino, in English, 30 pages.
""Inspirations" this is the title of my book which was published in the USA! And this was the real reason that made me cross the lake. A year ago when i sat down with the editor of Rodmaker Magazine and talk about the possibility of making a book about my work I confess that I didn't believe that this was possible. But exactly 12 months later here is that the dream has become reality. It's not a technical book, shows 15 of my rods through my pictures accompanied by a short story where I explain why I have built the rod that way and what served me of inspiration. The goal in addition to show my job is to try to inspire other builders with my work. At the bottom is what the Americans call "Coffee Table book". I want to thank my friends for all the help you gave me, without you I would not have been able, to my customers, thank you for having confidence in my work and my friend don Morse inspired by the name "Inspirations". A special thank you to my friend and source of inspiration Tom Kirkman for everything that you do for the rodbuilding, for believing in me since early in my work and for having made it possible to achieve this dream."



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