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Product description

The Zander Pro's signature lure

On the occasion of the Zander Pro 2021 organized by Kanalgratis, the company Fiiish in collaboration with Rodhouse offers you the mythical lure of the competition: the "Mud Digger".

Fishing with the Mud Digger

The Mud Digger is perfect for fishing for zander, but also for perch and Pike! This soft lure is highly reactive thanks to its inverted caudal fin, which comes to life directly at the slightest movement and will excite nearby Zander / Pike-perch. The material used for the Mud Digger is designed to allow the lure to be easily sucked into the fish's mouth and thus avoid unhooking.


Lure specifications

The bottom of the Mud Digger's head is shaped like a hoof. This shape gives it added stability when it hits the bottom. This stability makes it all the more attractive to predators. In addition, this format will reduce the speed at which the lure descends, and will facilitate its control in addition to amplifying body movements.

The opening at the hook will make it all the easier to assemble the head onto the body, in addition to making the body more supple and responsive during your animations. Fish will be hooked more easily and the risk of tearing the body will be reduced.

The opening at the hook level will make mounting the head on the body even easier, as well as making the body more flexible and responsive during your animations.

Pack contents

The pack contains the lure (9cm body + 10gr lead head) + a spare body.

Color : Electric Blue (The favorite color of our competitors Stéphane and Tony).

Quantities on sale are limited

Frequently asked questions

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Where can I follow the Zander Pro episodes?

You can review Rodhouse & Fiiish team episodes on the team website

Do you have any other lure choices?

Rodhouse sells fishing tackle intended for rod construction, not lures. This lure is a limited edition that was exceptionally put on sale following our participation in the Zander Pro.



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