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  • Inside Diameter : 10.0 mm
  • 27 g
  • Graphite
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Model: 16-IC-10.0
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Sizing guide

ID1 ID2 OD1 OD2 Length (mm) Weight (g)
MVT - 16-IC-10.0 10 27.1 17.8 121.5 27
MVT - 16-IC-10.5 10.5 27.1 17.8 121.5 26
MVT - 16-IC-11 11 27.1 17.8 121.5 27
MVT - 16-IC-11.5 11.5 27.1 17.8 121.5 27
MVT - 16-IC-12 12 27.1 17.8 121.5 26
MVT - 16-IC-12.5 12.5 27.1 17.8 121.5 25
MVT - 16-IC-13 13 27.1 17.8 121.5 24
MVT - 16-IC-13.5 13.5 27.1 17.8 121.5 24
MVT - 16-14 14 27.1 17.8 121.5 21
MVT - 16-14.5 14.5 27.1 17.8 121.5 21
MVT - 16-15 15 27.1 17.8 121.5 21

Specification chart



Length (mm)

121.05 mm

Product description

An irreplaceable Casting reel seat
Introduced in 2014, Toray's ALPS MVT (Micro Vibration Transmission) reel seat has taken the industry by storm.

The MVT design is based on the wildly successful TexTouch Graphite reel seat. Once again, another first for ALPS. Featuring 6061-T6 double locking nuts and a double-keyed body to strengthen the hold on the reel and eliminate rotation of the cover.

The MVT's design is based on the highly successful TexTouch graphite reel seat.

The MVT raises the bar with three cutouts for maximum blank visibility... ALPS has improved the design by incorporating cut Toray carbon fiber, incredibly light and strong. The addition of extra Toray material provides 30% more strength and a featherweight. This combines strength, sensitivity and light weight, while remaining Live bait on any rod. ALPS has completed this rod with a dark woven carbon insert to give the look an extra sparkle.

Technical specifications of the MVT

We can say with confidence that this is the world's most sensitive molded carbon fiber reel seat thanks to the addition of Toray fibers. Choose from 4 different cap combinations for the ultimate custom feel. Sizes 10.0-13.5 only with inserts.
Exclusive ALPS? design
Armored Toray carbon frame to amplify feedback.
Micro Vibration Transmission
Structure enables two types of grip.
Three cut-outs for maximum contact with the blank.
Ergonomic trigger
Two CNC-machined clamping nuts.
Nuts insulated with Delrin interlayer.
Toray carbon and nylon frame
Nuts in Aluminum 6061-T6
Weight: 24grs

Frequently asked questions

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I would like more information about this PM Alps
You can visit our blog, and more specifically our article on Alps reel seats and clamping rings
I didn't receive any clamping nuts, is this normal?
Yes, clamping nuts are not included with this PM, you can consult the accessories section to find a nut for your PM!
How do I choose the right handle elements?
We invite you to watch our rodbuilding video tutorial series in the Tutorials tab of the site menu.



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