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Specification chart


7'3" - 221 cm

Power (g)

25 - 80 g

Power (lb)

14 - 30 lb

Manufacturer power (oz)

2 - 3/8 oz



Parts Count



North Fork Composites

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Product description

We offer 3 complete packs, in different finishes, to assemble this North Fork Composites MB 739-1 IM blank.

7.3'(2m21) is a super versatile length for fishing Pike. This blank can be used from a boat as well as from shore. Like all the "9" powers in the range, it can be fished with soft lures from 5 to 8", spinerbaits and jerkbaits.

The "ENTRY" pack consists of a Fuji ACSM16 full handle kit with EVA grips, "Silver" rings and Fuji Alconite Inox guides to be mounted in spiral casting. It's excellent value for money, compatible with braid and suitable for occasional use. Be careful, however, not to spool dry fly braid onto these Guide rings.
The "MID" pack consists of a Fuji ACSM16 full handle kit with cork grips, "gold" rings and Fuji SIC stainless steel rings for spiral casting. These guides offer better heat dispersion and glide.
The "HIGH" pack consists of a Fuji ACSM16 Full handle kit with carbon grips, "Black" bushings, and Fuji Titanium Torzite rings for spiral casting. This kit is composed of the best products available for this fishing program and avoids any risk of corrosion


Spacing chart : 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16.5 - 18 - 22

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