Pinceau plat

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Size: 10 mm
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Product description

High-end, cleanable brush, essential for long nail polishes and jigs

Available in 10,18 mm

Synthetic gold polyamide fiber bristle
Stainless steel ferrule
Red lacquered short handle with silver tip (spalter with long handle)
Quality: responsive, wear-resistant, easy to clean, good retention

The flat shape can be used to exploit the width of the tuft, or the edge can be used for
fine touches


Careful maintenance of brushes significantly extends their life; just follow a few simple rules. Always avoid allowing varnish to dry on brushes, or allowing them to soak in water or petroleum spirit (for solvent-based paints).

Brushes should not be left to dry.

Then rinse with warm water and soap,
After draining, leave brushes to dry tuft-side up.



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