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  • 213 cm
  • X-Fast
  • min. 130 lb
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Blank measurement chart

Espacement depuis le talon (cm) Ø Diamètre (mm)
5 24,68
10 24,36
15 24,19
20 23,97
25 23,52
30 23,21
35 22,8
40 22,42
45 22,04
50 21,72

Specification chart


7' - 213 cm

Power (lb)

min. 130 lb



Weight (g)

460 g

Parts Count


Butt Measurement (mm)

25.3 mm

Tip Measurement (mm)

6.0 mm

Tip guide recommandation




Product Range

RX6 Eglass

Product description

The RX6 E-Glass Tuna series is designed to catch the biggest, fastest and meanest tuna in the sea. We didn't skimp on materials when designing these models to ensure that no abuse on the rail is too great. These RCTB'S also make superb swordfish rods. What's more, their X-Fast action can be slowed down if necessary by slightly trimming the tips.


One of the most powerful Blanks in the world!
With a 130lb-illimited builder power this blank aims to reel in the biggest tuna in the world. It is particularly appreciated by professionals who fish Bluefin tuna on Live bait. Its length allows you to move the line away from the boat.



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