RedNeck F866-4

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  • 259 cm
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Blank measurement chart

Espacement depuis le talon (cm) Ø Diamètre (mm)
5 11,37
10 11,2
15 11,08
20 10,85
25 10,68
30 10,49
35 10,24
40 10,1
45 9,83
50 9,69

Specification chart


8'6" - 259 cm

Power (#)


Parts Count

4 sections

Butt Measurement (mm)

11.57 mm

Tip Measurement (mm)

1.8 mm

Tip guide recommandation



Rodbuilders' Republic

Product Range


IP Rating (g)

115.0 g

AA Rating (°)


Product description

Fiberglass offers both a very special fishing sensation and, in certain circumstances, an undeniable technical advantage. With the Redneck, we've gone all out for the technical advantage.
S2 glass fiber allows us to offer an 8'6 mid-tip flex action blank that remains relatively light, and above all capable of keeping tip bounce to a minimum.
Fiberglass naturally has the ability to accept a wide range of Silk weights. The power of the Redneck (IP=115g, Silk 6) was chosen to take advantage of this extreme versatility. The Redneck is capable of landing beautiful dry fly, sedge and terrestrial bites on a wf5 line. It can also find distance with a wf6 or 7, floating or inter, and fish for Trout and predators with streamers and large surface flies (poppers and gurglers). The S2 fibre and tapered blank allow you to bridle a bass without a second thought. The redneck will also be the weapon of choice for medium-sized Carp, Shad and Mullet, combining the finesse of large nymphs with the strength of glass fibre for those powerful fights.


In short, the Redneck concept is all about finesse on the tip, and big fight behind.



Customer Reviews

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Pour les fans de courbes indécentes

J'ai monté ce blank pour permettre la pêche des (petites) carpes au pain, des perches au streamer ainsi que si l'occasion se présente, bar et mulet du bord ou en kayak. Probable qu'il fasse aussi quelques chasses de pélamides à l'occasion...
Ce type de blank, extrêmement versatile, assez court et prenant les soies "passe partout" (5-6-7 selon les pêches et les équilibrages) reste très flex (fibre de verre), très fun au combat, et bien plus rapide que des fibres de verre classiques.
Le blank qu'on a dans le coffre et qui sort un peu au débotté sur n'importe quel programme se présentant, que ce soit du bord ou embarqué, float tube, kayak, voir bateau.

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