RRBC Butt Cap

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  • Outside Diameter : 27.0 mm
In stock SKU : rrbc29eva
Material: EVA
Length: 29 mm
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Sizing guide

ID1 ID2 OD1 OD2 Length (mm) Weight (g)
rrbc29eva 27 1.67
rrbc60eva 27 5.16
rrbc29cork 27 43
rrbc60cork 27 12

Specification chart


Rodbuilders' Republic

Product description

Cork and Eva butt caps compatible with RRB60 butt fighters from Rodbuilders' Republic


RBC29 cork: 4.03g

RBC29 EVA: 1.67g

RBC60 cork: 12.54g

RBC60 EVA: 5.16g

O.D: 27mm



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