SJ 765-1 (X-RAY LMX)

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  • 229 cm
  • 20 - 50 g
  • Fast
  • 12 - 20 lb
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Blank measurement chart

Espacement depuis le talon (cm) Ø Diamètre (mm)
5 15,94
10 15,58
15 15,22
20 14,82
25 14,57
30 14,26
35 13,98
40 13,59
45 13,29
50 12,81

Specification chart


7'6" - 229 cm

Power (g)

20 - 50 g

Power (lb)

12 - 20 lb

Manufacturer power (oz)

1 - 3/8 oz



Weight (g)

70 g

Parts Count


Butt Measurement (mm)

16.0 mm

Tip Measurement (mm)

2.2 mm

Tip guide recommandation



North Fork Composites

Product Range


Product description

Our new High Modulus XRAY material is the latest to hit the market. It's HM because it's the highest level of modulus currently available, and named X-Ray because, like an X-ray machine, it will let you feel the tiniest vibrations. These are the lightest and strongest Blanks we've ever produced.

- HMx-ray blanks are 20% lighter than our current HM range, which is already incredibly light.
- XRAY blanks are more resonant, and while we understand that resonance can sometimes have a subjective character, here it's like feeling a shock in your arm, the aim being to allow you a true reading of what's going on deep down.
- HMx-ray blanks come in an unsanded, matte-black finish, sanding the blanks makes them softer, the action of these blanks is Dry fly.
- The resin used is specially developed for these blanks and stops what's known as micro-fracture propagation: even if you tap your blank and create a micro-fracture that will normally result sooner or later in breakage, this resin with amazing properties will continue to resist enlargement of the weakness, prolonging the life of the blank.
- HMx-ray is the result of a "no scrim" technology, the matrix is obtained by interweaving very fine fibers into one another. This construction technique with high-modulus fibers provides constant stiffness with less material.

- HMx-ray is the result of "no scrim" technology.


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