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Sizing guide

ID1 ID2 OD1 OD2 Length (mm) Weight (g)
TRC-PALE GOLD 21.59 26.92 1.2
TRC - BLACK 21.59 26.92 1.2
TRC - GOLD 21.59 26.92 1.2
TRC - SILVER 21.59 26.92 1.2
TRC - COBALT BLUE 21.59 26.92 1.2
TRC - RED 21.59 26.92 1.2

Specification chart

Weight (g)

1.2 g



Product description

TRC finishing rings
Customize your handle with this TRC finishing ring from Alps.

A finishing detail that makes all the difference
TRC rings are available in several colors: gold, pale gold, silver, black, cobalt blue, red.The ring is constructed from aluminum to bring out the vibrant, dynamic colors on your blank.Fits between a Casting reel seat and a Casting rear-grip.



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