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ALPS accessories are only compatible with ALPS benches


Alps is a leader in the tradition of custom grips, providing you with professional-quality tools, able to satisfy them to the utmost by offering them the very best. ALPS tools will enable you to transform your ALPS bench into a lathe capable of shaping cork and EVA.

The "Tool Rest" is the tool for pressing and guiding your knife to shaper your cork or EVA piece, the "Tail Stock" is the tool whose tip locks and stabilizes your mandrel. The "Collars" receive the mandrel and allow it to be centered in the jaws of the binding bench (Wrapper)


Chucks and Collars are supplied separately.

Despite all the care taken with packaging, scratches and marks may occasionally be present. These are superficial and have no impact on the performance of the machines.

Mandrins and Collars are delivered separately.



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