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  • 335 cm
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Blank measurement chart

Espacement depuis le talon (cm) Ø Diamètre (mm)
5 9,35
10 9,19
15 9
20 8,8
25 8,64
30 8,45
35 8,28
40 8,16
45 8
50 7,85

Specification chart


11' - 335 cm

Power (#)




Weight (g)

44 g

Parts Count

4 sections

Butt Measurement (mm)

8.99 mm

Tip Measurement (mm)

1.16 mm

Tip guide recommandation



Rodbuilders' Republic

Product Range


Product description

This Lighthouse 1102 is manufactured by North Fork Composites, USA, exclusively for Rodhouse. It's designed for European-style Tightline nymphing, but also works pretty well as an overhead cast if you need to use a Dry fly, for a blank of this length. It's also very popular for Toc trout fishing! It's a very touch-sensitive blank, resonant, light, powerful and directional. It has been calibrated at the top end of the "2wt" range, as it can be used to cast fairly light nymphs (2.8 mm tungsten ball) but also much heavier ones. On the other hand, it has the power of a much stronger rod if you need to fight a nice client.



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