Les Cannes à Pêcher

About us

Les Cannes à Pêcher, 91190, Gif Sur Yvette

Fishing is one of my passions, and as the water has passed, rod assembly has become another in complete symbiosis with the first, a stroke of luck...

In the supermarket, you won't find what you need, but if you have it in mind, then contact me so we can talk about your rod. I insist on the "your", this rod won't come off my bench in a few minutes, exchanges will be necessary in order to properly determine your specifications, technical and aesthetic to find in the end a maximum of Pleasure.

I'll work with you to design your rod using the components selected on the www.rodhouse.fr website to arrive at the best compromise, whether for a spinning, Casting or Fly assembly, for fresh or salt water.

Assembly is one thing, but "rodbuilding" doesn't stop there, repairing and modifying a rod is also possible, nobody is safe from an accident, bent rings, broken ceramics, etc.

More than words, I encourage you to visit my Facebook and Instagram pages where you can see some of my work. Sailing between the south of Paris, Touraine and Morbihan, we may have the opportunity to cross paths on the Seine, the Loire, the Loir or why not on the Gulf.

Pleasure to talk about it with you.