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AB1 guides

The complete range of AB1 Guides available from Rodhouse is an ideal choice for passionate trolling anglers, offering top-of-the-range solutions to optimize the performance of your equipment. These Guides are distinguished by their quality workmanship and precise design, guaranteeing an exceptional fishing experience.


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AB1 KIT 80-130 and Unlimited ClassAB1 KIT 80-130 and Unlimited Class
Soon to be out of stock(3)
Sale price 1.014,00€
AB1 KIT 30-50AB1 KIT 30-50
Soon to be out of stock(2)
Sale priceFrom 558,00€
AB1 RRX-80/unlAB1 RRX-80/unl
Soon to be out of stock(1)
Sale priceFrom 146,40€
AB1 RR-30-50AB1 RR-30-50
In stock
Sale priceFrom 73,20€

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