Pack d'anneaux trolling

Trolling guides packs

Discover our wide selection of trolling ring packs, offering an extensive choice of ceramics, frameworks and ring sizes. These packs are carefully tailored to your Assembly project, with a predefined distribution of rings, simplifying the process. Simply place, tie and varnish the guides on the blank to create your custom fishing rod. Our Trolling Guide kits guarantee easy and efficient construction, while offering a variety of options to suit your specific needs.


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Pack Trolling Fuji HB MediumPack Trolling Fuji HB Medium
In stock
Sale priceFrom 59,88€
Pack Trolling Fuji HB HeavyPack Trolling Fuji HB Heavy
In stock
Sale priceFrom 62,88€
Pack Trolling Roller Guide MediumPack Trolling Roller Guide Medium
Soon to be out of stock(1)
Sale priceFrom 109,49€
Pack Trolling Roller Guide HeavyPack Trolling Roller Guide Heavy
Soon to be out of stock(1)
Sale priceFrom 196,80€

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