EFX Full Grip Carbon 3K 14.5 Long

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North Fork Composites

Product description

EFX Full grip carbon 3K By North Fork Composites, Soft Touch effect.

Composed of a long Casting rear grip designed to fit Fuji and Alps casting reel holders, as well as the majority of size 27 finishing beads

NFC challenges and surpasses the traditional carbon fiber tubes previously used as rod handles.
Hundreds of models were first tested to achieve an ergonomic shape comfortable for fishing, all day long.
Then we tackled the most common objection, that carbon handles sometimes feel cold or slippery. We added Soft Touch technology to the grip to make it grippy and pleasant to the touch.
It also adds a "matte" look to our grips. Incredibly light and sensitive, yet strong and durable.
EFX Soft Touch grips are the next step in the evolution of carbon grips!
Use tape or arbor to stick them on. Handles fit all mill sizes 16 and 17) Fuji, Alps, etc.

Also, the design of these handles can make it easy to upgrade your existing rod. You can cut off your old handle and install the new handles on the back of the rod without having to rip out the guides and reel seat.

The design of these handles can also make it easier to upgrade your existing rod.



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